looking happy

i’ve been getting an uncanny amount of orders this month, three just today; I can barely keep up. especially with two of my servers having gone down the past two weeks, one of which is still down, a brand new one!

and uni, of course; I had my first lifespan development lecture today. the lecturer was quite a surprise, a mumbling, overweight, greasy-haired creature wearing a potatosack-shaped-and-coloured smock who looked like someone you might find hired out of sympathy in a plastic cutlery’d diner, or a mental institution, at least; certainly not someone with a PhD and likely 83X the brain capacity of mere me! (I am so judgeMental.)

I know everyone taking this class from stats last semester, was enthusiastically greeted no less than six times. one girl, with whom I have never spoken on the phone even once, exclaimed, “oh, I need your number again! I lost my phone!”
another said she’d seen me walking somewhere in Trinity Beach looking very happy. “how unusual,” I said. looking happy! I love to look happy. I can’t remember looking happy.

an honours student asked us to take a body image survey with little pictures of differently shaped women (1 being anorexic, 10 being elephantine), and we were to tick the one we thought we looked like, and the one we wanted to look like. how very depressing. everyone being best-of-friends, I overheard 27 times, “what’d you put? a 4? no way, you’re at most a 3. I on the other hand, am practically an 8!”

where did I read that someone cut a piece of some girl’s coat lining for use in a collage?