o dear

a lot of what is on this site is so cringe-evoking. I think when I read over some 7 year old thing, “gosh, I was so energetic!” but then when I read over something just written I still seem! energetic. it must be all the !s. they’re so deceitful. you can hear them when I speak aloud, too.

I got an email from someone asking why I hadn’t answered a letter sent two weeks ago, and realised how long it’d been since I checked the po box! there was heaps of stuff. and a couple letters for box 183 clifton beach. stupid post office.

the lady from the job I wanted called and said if I wanted it I had it, and I said no, ’cause I would’ve had to quit uni. I wanted it mostly so i’d be occupied.. and sustainful. I don’t like living here. but if I quit psychology now I wouldn’t be able to continue it later, i’d have to start again, ’cause you have to finish within 7 years of starting. and school is always better than.. just some job anyone could get. but! it is hard to find work when you’re 22 with no experience, so I didn’t want the universe to think me ungrateful!

the guy from the job I didn’t really want emailed me asking why I hadn’t called, and I said the same thing, and he said they’d work around it. so now I have to email him again saying no, again! this is why I just ignore people!

the last episode of big brother was on tonight, I watch just enough to learn Regina won. next week it is australian idol, which I don’t think i’ll be watching. although I did like search for a supermodel! (I am an awful person)