I slept really late today, which is good, because it means I slept long!

anonymous people have accused me of cheating in last week’s photochallenge. lol. here’s a secret: I did, BECAUSE PHOTOCHALLENGE IS MY LIFE. note to perhaps senile octogenarian self: I didn’t really.

this afternoon I went shopping (for tights and bobbypins, both of which I seem to lose a lot), and walking past the foodcourt I saw a strange boy with an old highschool friend’s face. so I followed him a bit and! it was my old highschool friend! he just had short hair. I didn’t say anything because he either didn’t see or didn’t recognise me. the last time I saw him was when he asked me to the formal and I laughed ’cause I thought he was jokingggg. I am cruel and unusual.