thank you

I slept in, and woke up to three messages on my phone. I hardly ever get messages and then I get three. plus dozens of other issues needing solutions had popped up, plus the server move stuff I still hadn’t done. so I was in quite a bad mood because I had too much to do. so of course I didn’t do any of it, but went and read to forget my bad mood, which always works.

Trina asked me to go to an eye appointment with her because 1. the tests would make her vision blurry and she wasn’t supposed to drive, but she didn’t have anyone to drive so she thought at least having someone else in the car would be better than nothing, and 2. Ronnie was sick so couldn’t go to daycare so had to come too which meant I had to look after her while Trina was seeing the doctor.
we were there for three hours, mostly waiting. Ronnie was so good the whole time, laughing and chattering and singing. she had a doll she sang rockabye to, and since she’s newly toilet trained she made me take her to the bathroom five times a second. then! on the way out, she threw the most sudden, explosive and unexpected tantrum ever, and screamed and cried and ran away, for just no reason. it was very strange.

so that was my whole day. it felt like nothing, except when I got home I fixed all those issues and got lots and lots of work done. but then I got hayfever which put me in a bad mood again, and when mumm asked me to post some letters tomorrow I snapped at her rather meanly and threw my own silent tantrum. but then felt bad so apologised, and she said thank you.
people shouldn’t say thank you when they’re apologised to!