tomorrow i shall be

sitting in waiting rooms I look around and think how I would have designed them differently, or when waiting for others in a shop I think about what i’d do if it were mine. I have lots of shops in my head, my favourite is the shop for my current (e-)business. I should like to get my brain waves measured to see if they are normal.

at Smithfield today I saw my old roommate, and said hello, and he complimented my nails, which are all different colours. I am generally polite to everyone, I just generally don’t mention polite encounters because they are generally boring.

nanna Trish rang me on my mobile on my way home, she was on her mobile so the call lasted about 10 seconds because it was long distance as well, but she obviously misses us. she said I should come down and stay with them if I get bored during the holidays, and I felt so sorry for her I considered it for about ten minutes then forgot about it. I would definitely go if I could take the new tilt train, wow, it looks great.

tomorrow I shall be back to normal. no matter how I can’t sleep I am going to stay in my bed until at least daylight. not reading or daydreaming, either, but concentrating on nothing.