I forgot to mention last night that Trina asked me to move in with them when I told her I wanted to move. gosh. i’d rather live here forever than over there for one week. but it is cute the way she pretends we’re best friends. I do like her.

plus, since uni starts again in about a week, i’ve forgotten all about moving or getting a job. yay! Uni in a week! the first two weeks are always the most fun, figuring out your schedule and fighting the crowds to sign up for tutorials. it’s hilarious. I won’t even mind doing stats again, i’ll be so glad to go back. plus i’m doing forensic psychology, and myth and ritual! what fun!

oh, today. hmm. I didn’t do anything today. I did have a vegemite sandwich, which I hadn’t had since I was tiny, and I loved it! I am a superb vegemite spreader. you know, only an Australian-born-and-raised knows the secrets to spreading vegemite. that’s why no one else ever likes it, ’cause they don’t know how to spread it!