I have a zit. when I saw it I screamed. that’s not all! I dyed my hair today, and it was the most horrifyingly bad hair dying experience ever. I kind of fell asleep with it on my head, so it ran all over the place. a large portion of my forehead, both ears and neck are a bluish grey-black. I screamed again. luckily wearing a hat that covers most of me every day is not unusual, so no one will ever know.

I went with mumm to have brunch with Bronwyn for the last time (they do every Saturday). she says that if we go visit her in prison she won’t come out to see us, so we’d just better not waste our time. I said “well i’m coming to your court thingie!”
and she said “yeah but that’s just to get your daily thrill and take pictures, not ’cause you’re a compassionate friend!”
I didn’t think she knew me that well! her court thingie’s on Monday. she invited us to her last-night-of-freedom dinner tomorrow night.

then I bought stuff for uni yay! stuff for uni! and I remembered i’ll have to buy textbooks. yuck. textbooks. they’re always like $100 each and two for every subject and then I never use them again. I actually haven’t bought a single one the past two semesters, and have still managed to pass.