well, I was sick all day. not worth it, will hereby not drink.

I went to Port Douglas and bought jewellery and a new buddha. tried (unsuccessfully) to eat. had lots of troubs staying awake on the trip home, so went straight to bed. I dreamt that I was in an enclosure with crocodiles, and kept finding kittens everywhere, so i’d pick them up so the crocodiles couldn’t get them. I was wandering around with my arms full of this big pile of squirming kittens trying to find somewhere safe for them. but I wasn’t scared that the crocodiles would eat me, only the kittens!

that’s the second time this month i’ve dreamt about saving kittens. hmm. Zolar says dreaming of kittens means “recovery from an illness,” and that kittens being hurt means “death of an enemy.” yay! 🙂