the best age to be

I just went through these entries and censored some of them, because I realised people might actually find and read them! don’t worry, i’ve still got the censored bits in my file, so my 80year old me won’t be deprived of the juicy stuff; and it is so juicy.

we did a “best age to be” thing. everyone was entirely happy with their age but for one 32 year old mother who would be 27 and a bunch of highschool-leavers who would be 15. we watched a video of an experiment in which volunteers entered a reception area and were given a consent form to sign by the receptionist guy. when he took the form he ducked behind the desk to file it and get the instructions. when he stood up to give them the instructions he was a different guy. 75% of the participants didn’t notice.

I helped Sarah apply through QTAC to some universities and later realised she can’t do any of the dance degrees because she never learnt classical ballet, which is a requirement. guess she’ll be doing theatre.