this is my 100th entrie

i’d like to count the similies in the first half of The Bell Jar, then count the similies in the second half, then compare the halves. there seem to be dozens just in the first few pages. I love them, and I love hers (especially the cadaver balloon head one), but it’s too noticeable  she also tends to one sentence paragraph. tended..

at work today Leonard the manager gave us prettie nametags to wear.
everyone in my family calls me Jessie, and they’re the only ones allowed, ’cause that’s what they all called me when I was very little. although I also let daydream because he is family now, too. however when they talk about me with outsiders they sometimes forget to not refer to me such, so now Sue, an outsider, calls me Jessie. I decided to just let her because she knew me when I was relatively small (in highschool, and I was very small). however she then introduced me to Leonard as Jessie, thus Leonard wrote Jessie on my nametag. so I had dozens of strangers calling me Jessie.
it was very annoying.