cutting classes

too much is going on and i’m not handling it well. i’m very stressed and anxious and depressed.
but i’m not working again until Saturday.

I need to focus on school more. assignments will be due soon; I haven’t even started my lifespan journal or presentation or my myth and ritual presentation. or the other three essays that’ll be due.

I cut two more classes today. I did go to one of them but had to leave because I couldn’t concentrate. I went to the beach and read a bit and then just lay there and listened to the waves and tried to relax and feel peaceful.

watched a video which mentioned something along the lines of millions of decomposing sperm bodies lining the vagina.

people cry around 65 litres of tears in their lifetimes, on average 28 drops each time. low pitched sounds. I don’t dot my i’s, what does that mean in graphology? all I know is that if you write above the line you’re vain and if you slant to the left you’re a liar.

I looked it up:

You like to keep life in perspective and have a fairly straightforward way of viewing yourself and others. To you, Life is neither a stage nor a tragedy play! You may have a tendency to be a bit depressed along about now. Anything going on? Its likely that you enjoy throwing a good party, and just don’t like being cooped up all evening. And once Friday afternoon comes, you’re probably often right ready to bolt out to find the weekend’s next social event! Hmmm… So you like to be one person out in the world and another person in the privacy of your own space, eh? Interesting. Does that also mean that you have multiple personalities? (Probably not but then… who knows!? You could be a hard one to figure out! 😉

Lone Rangers often keep a bit of distance between themselves and others. Do you ever hear people define You as a Lone Ranger? Or is it that you’re more of what some might define as “a creative force of the next generation!” Either way, you don’t mind straying from that straight and narrow path, shall we say, so you get good marks for originality! Ever notice how tears can well up inside of you when you didn’t even expect them? And how you can feel someone else’s emotions whenever they enter the room? A lot of people probably don’t understand that about you, but I don’t need to tell YOU that, do I? You’ve known it all your life! You likely tend to be a quite quiet person and don’t like to rock the boat. You probably are a careful reader, and don’t like to jump to conclusions about anything.
As for Astrological Implications possibly related to you:

And you know, you might have a bit of a strong calling as a Gemini, since you like to mix yourself selectively with different versions for different moods!

but it didn’t say anything about dotting i’s.