I can safely and completely truthfully say that I feel great. happier than I have in weeks. Thursdays are my favourite day for several reasons:

  1. I can sleep in and laze about all morning.
  2. forensic psychology is by far my favourite subject this semester, and the tutorials for it are the most interesting and fun i’ve ever had, the people in it are most of the ones I like best and can actually relate/talk to.
  3. don’t have to work! ever!
  4. criminal intent is on. 🙂

I stuck mostly to my schedule today. I just finished the tutorial, which is why I am so joy-ous. in it we were divided into two groups, one the prosecutors and one the defence. when I got thrown with the defence I said “yay!” and Dionne (the tutor) said “after you read the case you won’t be saying yay.” so I read the case and it was obvious that the guy was innocent. however! our brilliant group still won. I also exhibited my extensive vocabulary to a satisfying extent.

there is a boy in this tute, and in my lifespan tute, in whom I am intensely interested. his name is Andrew, and he is very funny, very intelligent and very outgoing (he is also very unattractive, and overweight, but anyway). he was in my group and we had a great conversation about forensic shows on TV. then he asked me to some blues night on at a club! I said no thanks, I had presentations to do. I am considering subtly insinuating a rumour throughout the second year psychology crowd that i’m a lesbian. i think I would like to be thought of as a lesbian anyway.

afterwards, on my way out to the bus stop, three of the tute girls were standing about smoking, so I joined them, minus the smoking. they were bitching about Dionne. I just can’t understand why everyone dislikes her so! I like her a lot, and have tremendous amounts of respect for her and want to be her when I grow up. she has heaps and heaps of energy, talks at a million miles an hour, and has a comeback for anything. she is very forceful and argumentative and opinionated, and she tells people off a lot and knows a million things. she’s doing a Ph.D, but I don’t know what in.. I do know that she used to live in New York City and used to be an actor and then a director and studied law for a while, and she said once her specialty was sensation and perception and another day she said it was language.

anyway, I didn’t bitch about her, but I did gossip about her. and did say I liked her. and made them laugh uproariously about something but can’t remember what.

and I started a website for Kim.. theducksvoice.org.