worst day

got about 2 hours sleep last night, and as a direct result have been very bad today.

finally fell asleep at about 5am; it was just getting light. then I had to blearily tear myself from bed at 7am to go to class. the tutor arrived, and said, “since the lecture schedule is a week behind, we’ll be using this tute as a catch-up. if you have nothing to catch up on, you can leave.”

oo. was I ever mad. I didn’t have anything to catch up on, of course. and of course, I couldn’t sleep when I got home and fell back into bed. I tried writing my presentation but couldn’t concentrate.

went to the orthadontist at 1pm (I went last week, but there had been a power failure so they told me to come back today), and he upgraded my wire or something and now my teeth hurt AS WELL. YAY. NOT ONLY CAN I NOT SLEEP, I CAN NOT EAT OR SPEAK, EITHER. THANKS, GOD, THANKS A BUNCH.

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