a head full of radios

“what if all the people who were drinking were hanging from the bottles, if the bottles were hung from the ceiling with string, and the floor caved in, and the only thing that kept everyone up was the bottles?”

i’m hugely down tonight. but i’ll forget that little fact right           now.

Bronwyn’s final court appearance was today, and the judge to decide her fate. we were sitting there and Bronwyn’s dislikable friend tapped the shoulder of a guy in front of us and said “are you a reporter?” because he was scribbling on a pad.. and we’d peeked over his shoulder and spotted Bronwyn’s name on it. he said yes, and she said “well this lady here, Bronwyn, doesn’t want anything else printed about her.” eee. what a silly girl. I wanted to pinch her. as if saying that’d help. he’ll probably just add that little tidbit to his story just to make Bronwyn look even worse. they’ll certainly print the outcome because $30,000 over 6 years is a lot to not go to jail for.

anyway! she was sentenced to two years imprisonment, but was wholly suspended. so she isn’t going to jail. she’s on a two year good behaviour bond instead (which means that if she even gets caught drink driving she’ll go to jail for two years), and is also on a.. something I can’t remember. correctional thing, where she has to visit them twice a week and do community service and stuff. they said going to prison is easier.

after that everyone went to a celebratory lunch but I had to go to Uni. yay. and learn all about Levi-Strauss who spent his whole life breaking down myths from all over the world hoping to find hidden underlying structure and meanings, and didn’t even find anything.

on the bus from the city to the Uni (40 minutes), waiting for the bus to go home (20 minutes) and on the bus on the way home (25 minutes), I finished a whole book. it was about a girl with rich parents but no friends who wants to make movies, then she makes a friend to put her in a movie, then she sleeps with a rockstar and he sends her to his agent who hires her as a secretary and finally buys a screenplay from her, and then she’s rich and snorts cocaine and loses her friend then makes up with her friend then comes clean and they run away to the desert because they’re two halves of the same whole.

then I had to work, which is what depressed me. it wasn’t very busy but there was a waitress there who wasn’t very nice, but that was probably because Sue the ferocious chef yelled at her. I walked all the way home and by that time couldn’t move a single facial muscle even if someone chopped off all my fingers with one of those cigar-end chopping things.