it’s August already

first tutorial today, and I made friends! but won’t keep them.. I can’t really be bothered with friends. unless they’re already so well made that I don’t need to worry about them.

one was with a boy called Damian whom I had watched last semester and half wanted to make friends with, but I don’t really make friends with anyone unless they make friends with me (and no one makes friends with me! ..well I don’t exactly encourage it; i’m most uncordial, in fact, even to people i’d like to know! what is that? well today I wasn’t, obviously, but anyway). just because he always makes intelligent comments during lectures with an amazingly gentle voice.

another was a girl called Sierra who was very confident and.. loud. but made everyone feel as though they’d known her for centuries. I haven’t been so comfortable with a stranger before. I joked with her. she was wearing raver pants and I think was slightly cross-eyed. a funny thing is, I am always annoyed with myself for introducing myself as Jessica, because it seems uncomfortable, but it’s an unthought habit. so with her I remembered to say Jess! but! she kept calling me Jessica! and! she introduced me to people as Jessica! I should have said “Jess is short for Jessamin, actually.”

last made friend was another girl called Grace who was.. vaguely annoying, and would go off on tangents with personal stories no one really wanted to hear or could comment suitably on, like her grade 5 teacher who on the blackboard would end words he didn’t know how to spell with a squiggle. but I have to be nice to her because she has black hair. no, that’s not why.. we signed up to do our presentations on the same week which means we have to half work together.

!!!, signing up for presentations was so very stupefying. I wanted week 11 because it was the most interesting, but these two silly girls wanted to work together so wanted it because it as the only week left with two spaces, not even because they thought it was interesting. so I gave it to them even though I got it first because I am amazingly generous and all. so now i’m stuck doing week 7, which the lecturer said was the hardest one !!, with vaguely annoying Grace.

and got the computer fixed. they said the connection to the fan was broken, or something.