cirque today! and! I left my camera at home, still plugged into the computer! how stupid am I? just think of all those days I carry it around and don’t even take one picture.

it was very entertaining with lots of sparklie costumes. yay! I love sparklie costumes! it was mostly people and their amazing acrobatic balancing trapeze juggling acts, but there were ponies and puppies too. yay ponies and puppies. my favourite part was when a clown came out and said “okay, we’re now going to have a 10minute interval for about a quarter of an hour, so we’ll be back in 20minutes.”

Sarah has a short story due tomorrow, it’s the same assignment I wrote the lollipop man one for. it is very bizarre to think she’s at the stage I was then.. I seem so much older in my memory than she seems now. anyway, wow. never read a worse story in my life. that girl has the grammar skills of a 7year old. she asked me, while she was writing it, if it’s okay to have two commas in one sentence. that should’ve warned me.

she had me read over what she had so far and think of a suitable ending. when I commented on her 3-grammar-mistakes-per-word, she said, “well fix it!”
lol. she is very darling. I said “no. unless you sit here and watch me and i’ll explain everything I do.”
and do you know what the nightmarishly scary thing is? her English teacher had already gone over the draft, and made two corrections. reasonably sure she’ll be going to Hell.
I also thought of an ending, and now like the story. although i’d probably hate it if I read it in a magazine or something. she stole half the plot from the britney spears movie.