the most frightening of days. i’ve been trying to fix an email problem, as well as set up the last of my accounts on the new servers. all of which is harrowingly stressifying enough, without my computer having conniptions and simply refusing to run for longer than 10 minutes at a time. I think when it died last time I should have had someone look at it. so I will this time, and have already made backups 29X, so there.

meanwhile I had a mini breakdown and ran away for a while, coming to my senses halfway to Smithfield. only 6 lanes. I wish we had those signs with people racing across, dragging their children.. I would have been tempted to try it, if I had children, and a man two-heads taller to bravely lead the way, like ducks crossing right at the duck crossing sign.
overcome with shame I nearly didn’t come back! last night I noticed a twinge in my knee, and after stumbling 10million miles it hurts quite a bit…

neither highs nor lows would be great; I mean how many highs do you have anyway?