from my out-and-about book

in the city today, crossing a busy! intersection, I noticed a bird standing right in the centre of it, unmoving, no matter how close the whizzing death-boxes came. I crossed back to the other side to get a closer look and saw it was a myna bird with blood filled eyes, rumpled and sore. several of the passing death-boxes slowed, passengers hanging out of windows to peer at the thing before resuming their inconsequence-ridden way. I sat on a bench and stared at it for 43 minutes, during which time it only twitched now and then, or swayed with the windblasts of speeding.. death-boxes. I couldn’t bring myself to run out there and pick it up, and thought it would probably thank me by pecking off my fingers anyway, so I finally got up and walked away. it’s probably still there. I feel terrible.