I can’t help but lubs teh circus

alright. I am hereby not going to worry about my business any more. if everyone on that particular server leaves, so what? that’s only about 10 people. $100 less per month. if I wanted I could advertise and get that many new ones per day.

will try not to worry about it anymore, anyway.

I get so much spamm to my io @ unpuppet account that I think i’ll change it. but I don’t know what to change it to. I want something as short as io, but there aren’t many pretty things that short. maybe just i, but that seems pretentious. maybe just my name. except it means i’ll have to update everything i’m signed up for. i’ll get around to it.

I took off my nailpolish today and didn’t put new polish on, and then later noticed that! my nails have gone yellow from wearing nailpolish for so long! how hideous. now I can never not wear nailpolish again.

guess what I bought today! tickets to! great moscow circus! I want to join the circus.
(but mr galliano’s circus. they were always my favourite.)