new job

well! guess what! I have a job, and worked today! yay!

yesterday at the bank, a lady called Sue whom mumm used to know came in, and screeched mighty greetings and asked if her (mumm’s) daughter wanted a job. she had a thai restaurant in Freshwater (well, in Stratford, which is next to Freshwater) that mumm used to go to all the time, and she just moved it to Trinity Beach two weeks ago. so i’m a barperson there. I learnt to make all kinds of drinks and the difference between red and white wineglasses.

it was very fun, and the people I worked with, the manager and a waitress, were nice and friendly and tolerant of my inexperience. i’m going back Monday and will be working 3 nights a week from 6-10. I had to buy an outfit especially because I didn’t have any white shirts, and when I got home I realised I couldn’t wear black bras under white shirts so! had to go back and buy white bras!

and! the best today part of all. I bought three newstyle my little ponies! one from target and two from kmart. I looked in toyworld but none were there. they’re smaller than the old style but much prettier.

i’ve only half-written day entries for the past two days, but am too tired to finish them now, so will tomorrow.