soap opera family

Bronwyn’s case was in the newspaper. that was what she was most afraid of.. everyone knowing!

Sarah’s formal was tonight, she’s staying in a (hugely giant) hotel room with friends for it so I went there to help her get ready and take pictures. she was afraid her dress made her look fat.. and it did. I lied of course, and it was very pretty! she looked much better than her friends, one of them wore the most ghastly hotpink puffy thing…

afterwards mumm told me she was sad because she felt it was the “beginning of the end,” and she poured her heart out about things I can’t say on my website. 🙂 I always felt our (extended) family was so strange, and would compare it to soap opera families rather than Real families, because it seemed so over the top; the outrages and secrets. but to anyone else our family seems perfect and like any other, so I realised just last night that all families really are like soap opera families… they just don’t let it out of the family!