the sky is in love with me

another debate today, about the visual development of infants. and my team won! yay! we got lollies!
but I am still down. 🙂

learnt about a boy who had a blood burst in his brain so had a kind of epilepsy where he had an invisible seizure every two seconds because his left brain hemisphere was badly damaged. so they removed it! when he was 10 or something. how very odd. and he was almost normal afterwards; when he awoke after surgery, for the first time ever he used 4 words in a sentence.

oh, buddha shredded my doctor’s thing to get my x-ray. *shrug*

I would like to collect teapots, but can’t really be bothered.

leonard-the-manager rang while I was in class to give me my shifts and left a message saying he’d ring back in half-an-hour but never did. so I am unable to dreadedly count down hours, which is stressful. I am unusually stressed. exam on Monday, two assignments I should have done? and things I can’t talk about.. here.

I read illusions: adventures of a reluctant messiah by richard bach today (between waking and getting up: 35 minutes, bus-stop: 15 minutes, bus-ride to Uni: 25 minutes, between sandwich bites in the refectory: 20 minutes, bus-ride home: another 25 minutes) and thought it .. . mmm. I shouldn’t’ve read it because I know more than what it teaches, so it was just annoying.

restless, and nervous, all the time.