too deep

today I finally sorted out the last of my business problems. they were so tenseful. now, once i’ve moved, I won’t have anything to worry about! for a while. i’ve moved all the xentrik files, I just need to figure out the permissions and other script stuff. it will be so horrible. I hope it works, otherwise i’ll have heaps of angry, ingrateful and abusive hostees. I don’t mind abusive hostees who are paying, because they don’t need to be grateful, because they’re paying.

lol. I am tired.

anyway! today. I had lifespan development all day, a lecture then a tute then a prac. i’d originally signed up for the 4-5 prac rather than the 3-4 one because i’d thought i’d have a prac for a different subject from 3-4. however! that was one of the screwed up ones, so it was cancelled, so rather than having an hour between I just reneged and turned up at the 3-4 prac. then I left early because because we’d had to critique a journal article in groups, and this grungy boy appeared and said “want to be a group?” and his voice was very deep. I said “sure,” because I am lovelie, but then half way through I just got too uncomfortable and said “I have to go, sorry.”
his voice was too deep. and I don’t like boys who just talk to me.

oh and! Mel, the stats girl in the middle, was in all the same classes. in the tute, she said “I stumbled across your website the other day!” (those aren’t the exact words, but she did say “stumbled across your website”). she said she typed my name into a search engine, and liked my pictures. what a patootie. now I will type her name into a search engine.