turn it UP! TURN IT UP

I woke up late and probably wouldn’t have at all if a funny girl hadn’t jumped on me, bus leaving in 5 minutes! I left in my pajamas, lucky they’re just clothes.

and on the bus was the funny man (funny people today) who’d accidentally gotten off the bus at uni once and made me help him. I think I wrote about it here. anyway he said to me, “you know if you mix Christians and glycerine they explode into flames.”
well that’s what it sounded like.
I did write about it on the 27th May, 2003. he asked me what I was studying again and I said nanotechnology.

I was reading at the bus stop to go home and I heard someone scream my name from many miles away.. it was Anthropology Sierra in her car. when I looked up she screamed from many miles away, “want a lift?” I love getting lifts. i’ve gotten Uni. lifts from eleven people who happen to live in Trinity beach. or pretended they did to give me a lift. haha.