waiting rooms

went to the doctor’s today, and who should be in the waiting room (I hate waiting rooms. I could complain for ever about the appointment booking practises of doctors. the doctor I always see is very popular, so they book a patient every five minutes. but she takes half an hour with everyone! and what are you supposed to resolve in 5 minutes anyway?) but Trina! who had fluidly lungs, or something. she was booked 5 minutes before I.

anyway I have some funny ligament thing that lots of girls get. I can’t remember what it’s called, of course. i’m supposed to take anti-inflammatories and get physiotherapy. but she said if I do nothing it’ll eventually go away by itelf, so I plan to do nothing.

straight from there to uni, where I had in*depth discussions about the ethics of birth assistance programs and being able to choose the sex of a childe with an American girl whose name was mine, an American boy whose name was not, and a Swedish girl whose name I can’t pronounce thus can’t remember. there are lots of International students. I like them, they seem cute and wide-eyed. the Americans are very good-natured and confident.

but the discussions weren’t really all that indepth. indepthindepthindepth. because for some reason i’ve been lethargic and unable to focus on anything today. I couldn’t even take notes, and have yawned at least 65million times.

I think I must seem very dull, or shallow, or stupid.. outwardly, in person, when not prescribed controversial topics to Discuss. I should listen to what people talk about, then talk about it with others, rather than letting a conversation die off at “fine, thanks.”

another thing! I am just the worst when it comes to homework. the second I step off campus I forget everything related to it until I step back on. I really have to get one of those student diaries and write down little todo lists for every day; need to be organised, dammit!