didn’t get any assignment done today. I tried a couple of times but just couldn’t. I felt bad all day, don’t know why. slept for a while and watched stupid TVcooking shows, thought about everything wrong.

good! cleaned my room, got some business stuff done. tritonpalace finally paid me.

a fiend of Sarah’s has been living with us the past month or two. the flamingo pink formal girl, name of Rosie. she was (allegedly) beaten by her mother, so ran away and moved in with us. then moved in with her grandmother, who (allegedly) then kicked her out because, according to Sa, “she would worry too much when Rosie was out at parties and stuff and she has a bad heart.” okay so it makes sense, when you don’t want to worry about her anymore, to kick her out when she has nowhere to go. personal opinion: filthy liar! personal affect(noun!): don’t care.

will now take a bath and finish my essay. maybe.

getting on

I have a slight, superficial crush on Australian Idol Kelly. am I predictable?

well, it’s Monday in an hour, and I haven’t written any more of my essay since Friday, so I don’t think i’ll have it done by Monday.
and I think, on my path to self-betterment, I need to:

  1. clean my room
  2. stop thinking of new projects until this semester is over
  3. let my hair grow
  4. learn to be a waitress
  5. train my dog
  6. never masturbate again

and right my essay. write now.


forgot my daily today (yesterday). now I can’t remember anything. see why I need to write stuff?

seriously. oh except I put glow in the dark fairies on one of my walls and sliced myself open on a piece of glass sticking out of it. I know i’m stupid. and then when I woke up this morning all the fairies had fallen off anyway. bah.

ok uni is too hard

I think i’ll do my experiment on alcohol and perceived physical attractiveness. it’s an easy test-retest. I really can’t think of anything else simple enough, all the ones I want to do are too complicated. he gave us a three day extension.

i’m stressed. after tomorrow’s exam.. gosh. I can’t even think about it. I wish I was two weeks into the future. and i can’t study tonight because I can’t concentrate. i’ve been trying.

want to quit. I don’t want to be a psychologist. I don’t want to be anything, or do anything, or do nothing.

assignments :(

one more exam, then i’ve a whole week off to work on assignments. i’ve been worrying about them the past two days, but don’t want to start ’til exams are over. it feels like all i’ve been thinking about the past days is university. it’s really very tiring, i’m glad it doesn’t have to last long. oh but! today we got a new assignment. a group presentation. and because my group can’t all get together at the same time, I have to meet each of them individually, instead. why! do they give us everything due at the same time! those big fat meanies.

I went to talk to Leonard and he said I don’t have to work during exams and stuff, even though I said I didn’t mind. the reason he wanted to talk to me was to ask if i’d do waitressing too, and I said I would. then on the way home I passed three girls and one Screamed after me, “is black your favourite colour?” it must be the third time a Trinity Beach kid has asked me if black’s my favourite colour. I wonder if it’s just the same one each time?

The Amazing Race. I don’t usually watch it because it’s on late, but I watched it tonight because! they were in Cairns! yay! except all we saw of it was the airport and then all the places around it. and they kept pronouncing it wrong. Americans always pronounce it like the i isn’t there. BUT IT IS. IT IS THERE. there’s no such thing as a silent i.

and a girl approached me in the refectory to ask me to pose with a backpack and/or laptop around campus for publicity photos. I said no.

unbearably itchy vulva

how, exactly, could someone find this blog by searching for unbearably itchy vulva? I don’t remember talking about itchy vulva.

today had been reserved for studying for anthropology tomorrow. and I actually started at 11am rather than pm, because studying is best when done at 20 minutes at a time. so every twenty minutes i’d watch half an hour of movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which I bought yesterday, Sister Act, which I taped last night, and When Harry Met Sally, which was on right after Sister Act so that got accidentally taped too.

lecturer emailed the results for the last anthropology exam today. I wonder how I can still do well on a subject I quite hate?

Leonard rang and said i’m not working this week but to come in on Tuesday ’cause he wants to talk to me. do they do that just to torture you? they must.


you know, I really did go to the theatre. caught the 8pm bus, which had its back window shattered all over the seats.

Saturday lunch with Bronwyn and grocery shopping. except Sarah came and then dragged me all over looking at stuff but my little ponies were included so it’s okay and I bought one. it’s my last one, I swear. I have all the good ones, the rest are all pink and I already have a pink one. new ones, I mean, I may get more old ones… old ones are better anyway.

then she found a friend and left, but then came back and we went to see Freaky Friday. I would have protested stronglier if I didn’t dimly remember liking the original when I was 10 or something. then whilst waiting for the bus, her friend was still with us, another friend came along. and these three terrible girls sat and made snotty remarks about the outfits of the girls on the other side of the depot for a whole hour.

although, the outfits were pretty bad. oh, and “omigod, Lara’s going out with Jake?”
“I should hang out with highschool kids more often,” I said very drily and kicked a plastic 2 litre bottle of diet home brand cola into the street. glad Sanity was across the road, they’ve a “GRUNGE” section. haha.


i’m very stressy today. i’ve three exams next week and piles of assignments due in two or three weeks. piles! ee. I am folding under second year load. so i’m going to stop procrastinating and catch up. in two or three weeks i’ll be back to normal.

presentation tomorrow, I wrote it just today. it’s (no longer) here. my anthropology one is (no longer) here.