in Melbourne the word is “grouse,” in Darwin it’s “deadly” and in Cairns it’s “choice.” as in “whoa, that’s choice, man.” when I first moved here I had these pens that connected together, and the girl I was sitting next to grabbed them and exclaimed, “choice!” that’s the first time I heard it.. so I thought she was commenting on the uh.. choice of pens.

anyway! today. I should customise the forum better but i’m feeling flat, now.

I ended up not going to bed ’til around 6:30 this morning. I know i’ve probably said it before but no matter how i’m feeling, if I watch the Breakfast Club I feel three times better at least. my favourite part of any movie ever is in there, it’s when Mr Manilow’s eating an orange and pouring coffee at the same time. oh my god, I laugh like a hyena when I even think about it, let alone watch it. i’m laughing right now.

so I didn’t wake up until 1pm and when I did it was only because daydream wanted money to pay the guy who’d just fixed the doors that wouldn’t even shut, let alone lock, but now they both shut and lock. I don’t get (as) nervous about unlocked doors anymore.

I finally went to Centrelink and she said I have to lodge a form every fortnight, and I have to call them to tell them how much I made last month. pew. i’ll go in there again and tell them. oh! I went to the esplanade afterwards and there was this crazy guy feeding all these hundreds of crazy pelicans. I took about a billion pictures but haven’t downloaded them yet.

then, when I was walking back to Central, a girl i’d seen on the Esplanade was following me. I took all these sharp pointy turns and she really kept following me! so I stopped and sat on the ground and she walked past. and then! half an hour later I saw her again in Central!

I have a mobile phone, but don’t know my own number. I think that they’re used for sending signals so we can all be tracked. why else would they have suddenly become so popular over the past year? I mean even I have one and I hate the phone above almost everything.

my last entry was the 111th and I didn’t even notice!