uni applications

applied to QTAC today! bachelor of psychology at two GU (griffith uni) campuses and UQ (university of QLD), behavioural science at GU and QUT (QLD university of technology), and bachelor of.. arts! at GU. I only applied for arts because you can select six and I wanted to fill them up.

when applying there is an option to take a standardised test (when you’re over 21 and your OP score doesn’t count anymore.. OP is your overall position compared to all the other students graduating in QLD that year) so I selected it. that’s on October 10th. I love standardised tests because I am great at them. I tend to get an IQ score of 10billion. but! as a psychology student, I am well aware that all IQ tests are capable of measuring is your ability to take IQ tests.

I booked tickets to see Powderfinger in November. ah, I am terrible! I nearly also booked to see The Whitlams onTtuesday, but that’s a school night. mmm.. i’ll have to check when i’m supposed to go down to Melbourne, ’cause I know that’s in November too..