today daydream won US$8,000 for a game he designed. it came second place and won $25,000 but had to be split 3ways because he was working with two other people. he’s also going to all-expenses-paid papua new guinea to get footage to design another game.

so they made everyone come out to Atlantis to celebrate, and it was disasterous. I was already in a bad mood, because I have been, lately. I ruined everyone’s evening, practically.

well, well. she was drinking, of course. don’t even get me started on that. I haven’t said a word to her about it, or to anyone, or to myself, but anyway. she was drinking, so she was irritable, and managed to have 3 arguments with Sarah and two with daydream before the night was halfway over. the only reason she hadn’t had one with me is because i’m practically impossible to have an argument with at all. but then she even started to have an argument with me, so I said something about her picking fights with everyone.

gosh. she stared at me for like 20 seconds and then got up and left. daydream said as she walked past “she didn’t mean it that way!”
and I said, “yes, I did,” thinking who the hell is he to say what I mean and try to placate someone i’ve deliberately pissed off?
then she was gone, and he sighed painfully and snarled, “thanks, Jess,” and followed her.
Sarah made some snide little remarks for a while until daydream came back and said, “do you mind telling me why..” but I interrupted him and threw a complete tantrum. for me. I never say anything no matter how mad I get, so when I do I don’t need some pathetic spineless boy to tell me off when it doesn’t even concern him. that’s what I said, I think.
he didn’t say anything back. spineless.

ten minutes later everyone was acting as if nothing had happened. except me, I walked home and took a picture of the moon.