just alright

sell myself out with a permanent pout, I think it went. can you believe that? 12 years old at most.

I am behind on everything I could be behind on, let alone a sillie daily or two. although I did catch up my incidents yesterday. there are better things I could’ve caught up on. now i’ll cat hup on this.

today I woke up so sluggish and dead, yawning 50 million times a second and blinking blearily with every breath. don’t know why, I slept the same as usual. although I think I dreamt more than usual. not that I can remember it.

I went to the uni library for the first time this whole semester. to the computer section, to do paypal stuff because if I do it from home they’ll spot my IP. Sierra happened to be on the computer behind mine, so asked me 90 times a minute to help her with her APA formatting.

mmm. haven’t been that good lately. but not terribly bad, so.