ugh partners

I learned today i’ve another presentation due next Friday, one supposed to be done with a partner, but! partners and scheduling were for some reason arranged during the tutorial we were told to leave if we were up to date on the work. and I seem to be the only person in the world who considers that really dumb. not that it really matters, it’s an easy one.. an experiment critique. experiments are easy to critique ’cause there’s always something wrong with them.

one of the girls in psychology i’ve been a bit scared of, because she is so.. aggressive. ever since she was on the opposite side of that forensic debate. plus whenever she talks to me she makes me feel so slow, because her brain seems to go at 10million miles a minute. but today in the tute, we weren’t even supposed to be working in groups but I ended up working with her and her friend, and i’m not so scared of her anymore. except when I mentioned the presentation scheduling thing she put her hand on my shoulder and said, “are you alright?” that was strange.

lately I bite my bottom lip a lot, and it is usually sore. I go through blistex like nothing else. I don’t even notice i’m doing it. I haven’t always, it’s been only the past few months. I also click the tops of my fingernails together, run them over each other, like a grasshopper’s legs. but that isn’t painful. it’s just funny to find myself doing it without realising.