I can’t remember the specifics, but mumm and Bronwyn were talking about someone who was “moody.” moody, when I think of the word, I think of someone who is frequently in a mood, negative connotation, in a wax. in a bad mood. I was mulling over the word when mumm said, “Jess is moody, too.”
what! what?! how absurd. how stupid. am not. shut up, get out: was pretty close to my reply.
she, that slanderer, clarified, but since I can’t remember exactly what she said either, can’t put it in pretty, orderly quotation marks. so won’t bother at all! no, she said that i’ve three moods: very good, nothing, very bad. that they’re equally distributed over my temperament and subject to switching without notice, or something. and, by the way, when I am bad, I am, apparently, “not pleasant to be around.”

later on I rode my sister’s bike to work to find out when I was working, as Leonard forgot to ring again (which, incidentally, required me to wear pants for the second time in a year, the very reason I hate bikes). it was around that time I realised how very unfit I am. gosh. lucky it doesn’t really bother me.

anyway, it’s 20:32, and I am going to bedd, because all day long i’ve been falling asleep at whatever i’m doing (yes, even before the bike-ride! i’m not that unfit.)