spine slowly skewing

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i’m sick, sick again. just a bug. a pukey, headachie, sore throat and chest-pain bug. plus today I had allergies as well, and had to work! but I took lots of pills and a nap so by work time I felt much better. only I get tired very easy so it was hard. so that must be why I felt so tired all day yesterday. when I told Sarah what time I went to bed last night, it was so strange she thought I meant 8:30 this morning.

since i’ve been working, heaps of money has accumulated in my accounts, and I haven’t even been saving.. still buying heaps of junk and stupid crap I don’t need. I only noticed today when I checked my statements, so ever since i’ve been thinking of all the things I could buy, and eyed the $3000 laptops in myer for too long. the one I have is heavy! so I can’t take it to Uni. without my spine slowly skewing in all directions. and it’s not as fast as i’d like anyway; I actually got it to make it easier for mumm to write her book, not to actually use myself, so got a cheaper slower one ’cause all she’d’ve been using was word. but she’s given that up again. she has about 6 unfinished novels now.