people can be mean, or nice, or nothing

in lifespan there is this lady who always interrupts the lectures every 20minutes with barely relevant (and usually long) anecdotes of interest to only herself, thus everyone hates her. well today she interrupted more than usual, so every time she opened her mouth half the class would roll their eyes and make catty remarks and a few made a big show of leaving, but no one said anything directly to her. she eventually overheard some people behind her so during the break she apparently ran away crying. one of the girls came back and collected her stuff so everyone exploded into gossip about it for about 15 minutes, even the lecturer.

during the tutorial afterwards, which she didn’t show up for, I happened to be stuck in the most gossipy group of all. Elsie, a very intelligent and outspoken girl, came over and said, “I think we should take her for coffee and let her talk about it.”
all the gossippy girls replied, “oh yes, we must! definitely, it’s the least we can do, gush gush.”
then! oh my goodness gosh. as soon as Elsie had left the gossips all turned to each other and started saying, “why should we take her for coffee and talk about it? she’s an adult she should deal with this like one, if not my rate’s $70 an hour.” and then started complaining about her again. these are the girls who made her cry in the first place.
I left. of course I thought she was annoying too. not that I rolled my eyes and murmured with my neighbours and made her cry and leave.