you know, I really did go to the theatre. caught the 8pm bus, which had its back window shattered all over the seats.

Saturday lunch with Bronwyn and grocery shopping. except Sarah came and then dragged me all over looking at stuff but my little ponies were included so it’s okay and I bought one. it’s my last one, I swear. I have all the good ones, the rest are all pink and I already have a pink one. new ones, I mean, I may get more old ones… old ones are better anyway.

then she found a friend and left, but then came back and we went to see Freaky Friday. I would have protested stronglier if I didn’t dimly remember liking the original when I was 10 or something. then whilst waiting for the bus, her friend was still with us, another friend came along. and these three terrible girls sat and made snotty remarks about the outfits of the girls on the other side of the depot for a whole hour.

although, the outfits were pretty bad. oh, and “omigod, Lara’s going out with Jake?”
“I should hang out with highschool kids more often,” I said very drily and kicked a plastic 2 litre bottle of diet home brand cola into the street. glad Sanity was across the road, they’ve a “GRUNGE” section. haha.