unbearably itchy vulva

how, exactly, could someone find this blog by searching for unbearably itchy vulva? I don’t remember talking about itchy vulva.

today had been reserved for studying for anthropology tomorrow. and I actually started at 11am rather than pm, because studying is best when done at 20 minutes at a time. so every twenty minutes i’d watch half an hour of movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which I bought yesterday, Sister Act, which I taped last night, and When Harry Met Sally, which was on right after Sister Act so that got accidentally taped too.

lecturer emailed the results for the last anthropology exam today. I wonder how I can still do well on a subject I quite hate?

Leonard rang and said i’m not working this week but to come in on Tuesday ’cause he wants to talk to me. do they do that just to torture you? they must.