assignments :(

one more exam, then i’ve a whole week off to work on assignments. i’ve been worrying about them the past two days, but don’t want to start ’til exams are over. it feels like all i’ve been thinking about the past days is university. it’s really very tiring, i’m glad it doesn’t have to last long. oh but! today we got a new assignment. a group presentation. and because my group can’t all get together at the same time, I have to meet each of them individually, instead. why! do they give us everything due at the same time! those big fat meanies.

I went to talk to Leonard and he said I don’t have to work during exams and stuff, even though I said I didn’t mind. the reason he wanted to talk to me was to ask if i’d do waitressing too, and I said I would. then on the way home I passed three girls and one Screamed after me, “is black your favourite colour?” it must be the third time a Trinity Beach kid has asked me if black’s my favourite colour. I wonder if it’s just the same one each time?

The Amazing Race. I don’t usually watch it because it’s on late, but I watched it tonight because! they were in Cairns! yay! except all we saw of it was the airport and then all the places around it. and they kept pronouncing it wrong. Americans always pronounce it like the i isn’t there. BUT IT IS. IT IS THERE. there’s no such thing as a silent i.

and a girl approached me in the refectory to ask me to pose with a backpack and/or laptop around campus for publicity photos. I said no.