didn’t get any assignment done today. I tried a couple of times but just couldn’t. I felt bad all day, don’t know why. slept for a while and watched stupid TVcooking shows, thought about everything wrong.

good! cleaned my room, got some business stuff done. tritonpalace finally paid me.

a fiend of Sarah’s has been living with us the past month or two. the flamingo pink formal girl, name of Rosie. she was (allegedly) beaten by her mother, so ran away and moved in with us. then moved in with her grandmother, who (allegedly) then kicked her out because, according to Sa, “she would worry too much when Rosie was out at parties and stuff and she has a bad heart.” okay so it makes sense, when you don’t want to worry about her anymore, to kick her out when she has nowhere to go. personal opinion: filthy liar! personal affect(noun!): don’t care.

will now take a bath and finish my essay. maybe.