happy oktobre!

got an email from Dionne today saying that the tutorial she cancelled last week will be held tomorrow! during lecture recess! the very idea. but while i’m there I can go to the library and get the book I need for my anthropology essay, which I didn’t start today like I was supposed to on Monday. if I fail one of my core subjects this semester i’m quitting.

not that i’ve ever failed anything in my life.

today when I got up I had a shower first thing and plucked my eyebrows. then I filed school papers into folders, then checked and responded to email, then went for a walk. then I took some photos, then chose my essay topic and attempted to research it. then ate some bread and watched nightmare before Christmas (I want to be Jack Skellington). then I read some of the book I got out a month ago and am only halfway through ’cause i’ve been too busy, but was thoroughly bored with it. then I rescheduled the Melbourne tripp to January 12th (i’ll have to email dadd and Sue.. ighs). then I watched the Simpsons and half of the naked chef, then I read my friends page (although I regularly skip 80% of them). then I dutifully ate roast chicken and salad made by my mother and watched law and order (I don’t like law and order nor the naked chef). then I fed the aminals and washed my hands and face and brushed my teeth. then I thought “oh, i’d better write a daily.” now i’m going to bed early.