this is a love song

I did go, of course; I am my new, responsible me. I met my group girls at Jac’s, the coffee shop the gossipers frequent and I avoid, and we hastily put together a presentation. I also even went to the campus gay and lesbian association and got heaps of pamphlets and stuff to hand out. ours was the only one she didn’t criticise, but it was addressed at uni students whereas most of the others were supposed to be addressed at adolescents and academics suck at addressing at adolescents so that’s mostly what she criticised in everyone else’s.

heaps of people didn’t turn up because they’re scared of presentations. so she said that everyone who did can write it up and hand it in as part of the major assignment. hurrah! that means i’ve done one-sixth the assignment before even beginning. it’s not due for a month yet so i’m leaving that one for last.

wish I could snap out of this horrid mood i’ve been in, am in.