STAT test

I woke up and was curled in a ball thinking “oh how glad I am that I can lie here for 10hours if I want.”
then, out of nowhere, because I hadn’t thought of it at all for a week, and had even said to mumm yesterday, “no, I won’t come out with you tomorrow because i’m going to stay home all day writing my report,” the words “STAT test” popped into my brain. i’ve never leapt out of bed so fast! so I just got there in time, ’cause it began at 9:30 and the leaping occurred at about 9.

it lasted for two hours, and I spent the whole time worrying I was missing vital ingredients to all the questions, because they were too easy. suspiciously easy. even on the trick questions the correct, untricky answer was obvious. i’m still sure on half of them i’d missed something. there was only one hard one… and I can’t remember it.

then I re-enrolled at JCU for next year. I realised that i’ve done 9 units more than my degree requires so far, so next year I only have to do 21! which is 7 courses rather than eight. usually I do four courses per semester. so, these are my courses:

Subject Title Sem
PY2101 Brain and Behaviour 1
PY2111 Learning and Behaviour 1
PY2112 Memory and Cognition 1
PY3101 Advanced Behavioural Research Design and Analysis 1
PY3106 Theoretical Foundations of Modern Psychology 2
PY3107 Introductory Psychometrics, Assessment and Ethics 2
PY3110 Human Sensation and Perception 2

then, the year after that, I do four courses in semester 1, and only 1 in semester 2! and then I am finished! maybe. if I get invited to do an honours year, I will definitely do it. because all postgraduate study requires a fourth undergraduate year. but to get into honours I need a distinction average on all my core subjects. at the moment my average is only.. somewhere between a credit and distinction, I guess. not good enough.

it’s only 5:30pm and i’m already writing a day entry. I must be avoiding my lab report. 🙂
i’ve written 400 words! of 2000. alright! i’ll do it. right now.