best date

hurrah! the 13th!
finished the report today. when printed out, including the appendix, it was 20 pages. I didn’t want to hand it in, it was so lovelie.

and just now I removed some very old parts of oeuvre on this site, and changed a few bits. some of it is so childish and stupid.
well, most of it.

I forgot to go to the forensics tutorial rescheduled for tonight because of the strike on thursday. silly me.
anthropology Sierra told me today she’d gotten extensions on her assignments because her best friend had died a year ago this week. she also mentioned, quite matter of factly, that she cries herself to sleep every night. next breath she said “you know, my name spelt backwards is ‘harass.’ do you need a lift home?”
most wonderful girl!

I was upset today, for a bit, I can’t remember why. my sister can be quite malicious when she spots weakness. which i’ve lots! of
sometimes I have very violent thoughts in response. I once told her how, when she was around 4 and being a pain, I imagined myself smacking her so hard she slammed into a wall and slid to the floor, leaving a trail of pulpy blood. she reminds me of it now and then.

oh! it rained! for the first time in 6 months. rain calls up such smells after drought, flowers burst instantly to life.