stolen hair

a girl at uni I never really liked, she was in my sociology class, has dyed her hair pink.
that theif. that hair-colour theif. last year she’d complimented my pink hair every time she saw me.
and now she’s stolen it. pink is MINE. I hate her.

received back some marks. anthropology exam: 80%, which is a distinction. forensics exam: 84%. which is ONE percent off a high distinction. arr. those heinously cruel blokes.

(I didn’t know what to call them so looked in my dictionary. it has cocksucker and motherfucker. (obscene) insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous, except under cocksucker it also has a person who performs fellatio. but “bloke” is a much better insulting term of address, seeing it’s only insulting when I use it. k so i’m bad at insulting.)

oh yes, my email has been bouncing for like 5 days, except it hasn’t been bouncing everything, only some things, so I didn’t notice it until now. it only took 1second to fix, but I lost 10million terribly important emails, I can feel it in my toes.

i’m reading Sphere again. i’ve reread this book more times than any other book, ever, and I love it twice as much each time.