tea party ponies!

writing this entrie a day late; shame on me.

took Chloe-joob to be clipped, now that it is getting hot. she has the biggest fur ever. had… she is now one third her former size, and looks malnourished. only because i’m used to seeing her look overweight. I had no idea it was all hair. she makes Lila look gargantuan. Lila, it was her first time home without Chloe. she didn’t take it well, and dug grave-sized holes all over.

while she was being clipped I stepped into k-mart. I only ever look at the books and toys in k-mart. and you’ll never believe what I found, dear darling text-editor. tea party ponies! the my little kind, of course. i’ll take a picture tomorrow. i’m the luckiest girl there ever was.

except I had bad allergies when I got home, for all the rest of the day. all the antihistamine in the world didn’t help.