not a shopper

gloriously welcome free day! jcu was on strike due to changes to be implemented in hecs (higher education contribution scheme, which pays for people like me to go to uni, then when we start earning $28,000pa we start paying it back) which will render a degree from australia the most expensive in the worlde.

but, of course, I can never seem to sleep in when i’m allowed. so despite keeping my eyes furiously shut for an hour after waking, got up at 5am anyway. the day stretched before me like an endless path of hot coals banked on either side by oceans of fire harbouring hungry fire-sharks. I caught the bus into town. the distracted and most likely deranged driver charged me an adult fare, and most certainly deranged me just paid it.

driving past the uni there was a large crowd of picketers who had blocked off the road into campus. anything slightly unusual is fascinating! but I didn’t get off. I went and saw Kill Bill, which was only ok. a new outrageous clothing shop has opened called Shiva Moon, conspicuously close to Shanti Shanti, Fetish 4 Life and some other outrageous clothing shop with a similarly absurd name. I didn’t go in, because I peeked through the window and there was nobody in there apart from the person working. I hate being the only shopper in a shop. not that I am a shopper.