disinhibited! what imbeciles. the other night, too, someone said unformal. *disdain*
in other news, I accidentally cut myself. and it was entirely accident. my right index pointer! bandaids around the tips of fingers are very idiotic.

you know, I haven’t worked in over a month. they haven’t called me and I don’t want to call them, because it means i’ll have to work. unless i’ve been fired and they just haven’t told me. but that’s silly, because the last time I talked to Leonard he asked me to do more.
I like working when i’m working, but still dread it when i’m not.

well! today. I got a lift to uni. instead of revising for next weeks fearsome stats exxxam, we did a pointless, waste of time experiment testing “whether two heads are better than one,” which involved playing a vocabulary game. since i’m currently in possession of the most extensive vocabulary in Australasia, I got my words in less than 6 guesses each, even the unfamiliar one, and I was only one head, so there, all those loser two heads who took 30 guesses.
one great big swollen head.
my unfamiliar word was “tacit.”
but, despite my fabulous outlier performance, two heads were generally indeed better than one. so there you go. except that little piece of enlightenment is not worth failing the spss exam.

I haven’t bathed in three days.
i’m reading Rising Sun. I would like to know what the Japanese think of this book.
oh, and it’s Veronica’s 3rd birthday. we’re going to her partie tomorrow. I got her a barbie handbag and a hi5 rainbow tshirt. she loves that show. I hate it because they make hi5 brand yoghurt and now 3year old kids refuse to eat any other kind of yoghurt.

how many times have I used the word “hate” in this blog? it’s so .. emphatic.