hello, today! I didn’t get up ’til 10am! which is great until you take into consideration the time at which bed-going occurred.
Ronnie’s partie wasn’t today, it is tomorrow! silly unremember-able me.

today was grocery shopping day. snow peas, strawberries, celery, apples, carrots, rice cakes. tic tacs, cordial, tomato soup. peanuts, except they mischarged me for cashews, the one week I got peanuts instead of cashews! and they didn’t have plums; this made me very sad.
I also bought moisturiser for the first time ever. mumm’s bowling-friend, Sue, works at Myer, and she told me which one to buy for my normal type skin. $72! but Sue has been frantically moisturising her entire life and still looks 50 at 50.
so i’m afraid of age, and wrinkled, sagging, dry, blotchy, old-bag weatherworn skin.

“I just want to be alone.”
“OK. I’ll come with you.”