ephemeral euphoria

a slightly nagging worry for the past week has been the stats computer test this Friday. so. before the lecture today everyone was standing about gossiping about it, because some people have had it and some, those in my class on Friday, haven’t. oh, the horrendous stories those who had had it told! so I went to a computer lab after the lecture. it was already full of people from my stats class frantically revising. we’d been given two questions to practise on.
and! I got them! even the APA formatted graph. it took about two hours, but I got them. which is superbly, because the exam lasts two hours.

so on the way home I was feeling rather euphoric. wonderful. i’m only ever so happy once every year or something, so I cherished every second. which probably dissipated it quicklier, but I don’t care. i’m still feeling better than usual, now.

I just wrote the past three dailies today. how bad I am. it’s 4:17pm, so if anything happens for the rest of today i’ll come back and add it.

3:21am: I forgot to mention.. the other day I chanced upon the best movie all year. Spirited Away. I just love it and plan to watch it 10billion times before I die tomorrow.