exam! was easy peasy. two questions; the first was almost exactly the same as one of the practise questions, the second was a repeated measures anova, which is just what I did in my lab report. so i’m expecting 10 HDs in a row.

I finished early so it feels like a Saturday. I took the dogs to the beach and a million photographs. spent two hours braiding my sister’s hair into a hundred little braids for the extravaganza and gave myself sore shoulders. started my assignment, but lost much of it because! there was a power failure. which is very bad when it’s so hot. so I swam. and took Lilah in the pool though i’m not supposed to. a strange, round spider with antlers and yellow spots lives in the poolyard garden. but I can never get a good picture of it.

someone in the neighbourhood is blasting Nirvana so I can’t think.

various current statistics
time: 12:52am
temperature: 26°C/79°F
half-listening to: deltra goodrem, born to try, over neighbourhood blasting and the TV a room or so away, which for some reason is up really loud..
feeling!: simultaneously sleepy and vivacious
$ in my Commonwealth account: AU2,691.11
$ in my American account: US449.58
$ in my 2checkout account: US198.00
new hosting orders this week: 3
people who have visited this site this month: 413
emails received today: 127 (lots of it unsolicited and commercial)
weight: 49kg
nailpolish: rosepetal pink
wearing: black dress. lol
last site I visited:
last food I ate: dimsim
last word/s I spoke: goodnight
last thing I bought: frozen yoghurt. that reminds me, I have frozen yoghurt! better eat it.

everything I touch turns to glass. like i’d like to shoot myself in the face!