what I eat, etc

I think as a result of this blog my livejournal is neglected. plus this was just ‘posed to be a daily, not a thoughtly. I can’t even stick to my own meaningless rules.

so, strictly today: went to coast roast with moth-er, Bronwyn and Nicole, and had one pineapple juice and one diet coke. stole several crumbs from each of their plates and fed the sparrows, despite much raised-voiced-objection projected in my direction, because they are bird-haters. except they are right, because sparrows attract pigeons, and pigeons, according to the Cairns Post, are an increasing problem in outdoor cafes and the council is going to chain a hawk at city place to deter them from mobbing innocent cafe patrons there.

then shopping. I bought, besides groceries, a box of hair dye ($16.95), the collected works of Lewis Carrol ($8) and a palmistry book ($8). i’ve only flipped through it, but it says children lines don’t say how many children you will have, but are children-potential lines and children-empathy lines. and it called marriage lines attachment lines. I have three attachment lines: two little ones and one big one. the big one has two or three children lines and a fork. I don’t know what the fork means yet.

then home. cornchips and apple juice for lunch. i’ve been drinking apple juice every day for about a month and by now am thoroughly sick of it, but they always have only apple and orange, and I can’t drink orange because it is too strong.

then research. I found enough articles for my eating disorder paper. i’ll start writing that after the exam on Monday.

then I walked the dogs. halfway to the beach I walked past a couple with the giant malamute that had followed me home one day. the woman was my year 12 drama teacher, and my sister’s current drama teacher. she patted Chloe and said hi to me; if she recognised me she didn’t let on.

across from the beach is Lunico, a restaurant and bar. as I was walking past I spotted mumm in there with Trina. she was going to leave soon so she drove the dogs and me home. Chloe loves car rides and jumps and twirls all over the back seat, only she was sharing it with Lilah and me, so I got trampled. also, Lilah hates car rides, so was cowering all over me. she, the elephantine thing, may as well have been trying to kill me. next time i’ll walk home.

mumm and daydream went to Trina’s for tea, while Sarah and I stayed home and had tomato soup and turkish bread and watched Monk. but then they came home earlier than usual and crying. well mumm was crying. she’d had a big fight with Trina over.. well. their dadd, Poppa Russell, has a house in Melbourne (“the James Street House”) that we’ve all lived in at some time or other, usually more than once. at one point Trina bought it from him, did heaps of renovations, then ran out of money and had to sell it back. but while she owned it she invited her friend, Jodi, to live there. after she sold it back to Poppa and moved out, Jodi stayed. Poppa moved back in, but into the granny flat out the back that I used to live in. that was years and years ago, and Jodi’s still living there and only paying Poppa $80 a week in rent. mumm said to Trina, tonight, that it is wrong. because Sue, their sister, is in big financial troubles and has four kids and is living in Poppa Russell’s other house, but it is only two bedrooms (the other is five or something, plus the flat). so mumm, and practically everyone else in the family, thinks she should be living in the James St house, because Jodi isn’t family, just Trina’s friend. but if you say that to Trina she explodes into fiery wrath. so she told mumm to leave.

they’ve had similar arguments that have lasted for years. one of them would have prevented Trina inviting us to her wedding if the family hadn’t bitten her head off about it. she is a stubborn lady.

anyway. I am going to email my father to tell him when we’ll be in Melbourne. then I am going to feed the aminals and go to bed, lovely early. no reading!